Rowing Machines – What you must know before buying

Selecting the best rowing machine is not an easy task. Rowing has become increasingly popular in recent years and there has been an explosion in the number of different types, brands and models of rower. In a difficult economy, value for money is also important so it is wise to select a high quality machine that will last for many years.

Our independent rowing experts have reviewed these machines specially to help you find the best rowing machine for your needs. We want you to be confidence with your purchase and we hate seeing genuine people being ripped off by over priced low-quality machines. The below table summarises the top 10 rowers with links to the full review amongst other useful information:



  • Water resistance rowers
  • Air resistance rowers
  • Hydraulic resistance rowers
  • Magnetic resistance rowers

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Rowing Machines – What you must know before buying

The indoor rower, also known as the rowing machine or ergometer, provides a form of exercise that truly works the entire body.  This machine allows us to bring the benefits of rowing into the home. By understanding the basics of these superb exercise machines you will be able to decide which model best suits your needs. Visit our Rowing Machine Reviews section or read on for more information on finding the best rowing machine.

Types of Rowing Machine

Indoor rowers come in four different categories where each has its own associated strengths, weaknesses, features and accessories. So firstly you need to determine which category of machine you want to buy.

  1. Water Resistance Rowers: These rowers are extremely popular since they create the most naturally smooth rowing motions. The resistance you row against is generated by water stored within a container. Adding more water will create greater resistance. These rowers are perfect for seniors and anyone with joint problems because of their really low impact on joints. Most brands will offer a few additional bonuses such as online coaching. Check out the latest water resistance rower reviews. 
  1. Air Resistance Rowers: Serious rowers often go for this type of machine because of its damper. The damper is a device used to adjust the rowing resistance, giving you greater control over the intensity of each stroke. The Concept 2 is the most recognized brand of air resistance rower. Check out the latest air resistance rower reviews. 
  1. Hydraulic Resistance Rowers: This type of rower is the cheapest of the bunch with a price tag of under $400. The rowing motion is not very natural and can be jerky at times. However, if you are in need of a cheap, space-efficient rower this may be the best variety to purchase. The Kettler Favorit offers the highest quality hydraulic models but we would recommend avoiding this category if you are serious about rowing. Check out the latest hydraulic resistance rower reviews. 
  1. Magnetic Resistance Rowers: These smooth and quiet rowers provide a very pleasurable workout. They are powered by electromagnets which provide a reliable form of resistance for each stroke. If you are seeking a space saving piece of equipment for a reasonable price, you can find a magnetic resistance rower in the $600 to $900 price range. The Kettler Coach M and Kettler Coach E are two of our favourites. Check out the latest magnetic resistance rowers. 

Indoor Rowing has become incredibly popular in recent years. For this reason each category has several brands and many different models available.  Choosing the best rowing machine depends a lot on your own personal rowing goals. If you are a beginner looking to get a taste of rowing or someone just looking to row occasionally for weight loss then you may very well be better choosing one of the cheaper hydraulic or magnetic models.  However if you are more serious about rowing or want the most realistic rowing workout then choose a more advanced rower from the air or water resistance category. Cheaper models such as the XXX may not have a high build quality or offer a realistic rowing experience but such machines can be suitable for occasional users.

Important Things to Consider:

MonitorDo you need a basic statistic monitor or something more advanced?
Size Is floor space an issue? Would you prefer a folding rower that can be easily stored?
Resistance Are appropriate levels of resistance offered by the machine for your fitness level?
Warranty How many years of warranty are offered by the machine?
Maximum WeightMake sure you are within the maximum weight limit for the machine
Build QualityIs build quality important? do you need the machine to last many years?

See below for our top 10  reviews or try our brand new **link**suggestions tool where you can answer a few short multiple choice questions and we will instantly recommend the best rowing machine for your requirements.