Is the Concept2 Model D a worthy rower? We put it to the test!

If ever there was a Concept2 Model D review worth perusing, odds are this is it. In terms of achieving your fitness goals, you can never be too careful with your investments. Used by Olympic rowers and sprinkled evenly throughout gyms across the globe, this rowing machine seems to be fairly popular. Does popularity make enough of a convincing argument, though? Frankly, a paying customer deserves a more in-depth analysis.

Price is always a major consideration when purchasing any new fitness equipment. While the Concept2 Model D might not be the cheapest rowing machine in its class, it certainly is not the most expensive either. When you take into account the overall high quality of the machine, the cost can be justified. Especially considering the manufacturers claim this machine is built to last a lifetime. Why fork out thousands for your annual gym membership when you can heartily abuse this machine in the comfort of your own home at a fraction of the cost?

Brief Overview of Machine Specifications:

Overall Length: 244 cm / 96 inches

Overall Width: 61 cm / 24 inches

Maximum Supported User Weight: 277 kg / 500lbs

Color Options: Sleek grey or classic black

Ease of Storage: Separates into two parts by use of quick-release mechanism

Actual Machine Weight: 26 kg / 57lbs


Specifications and Features:

This machine is an air-resistance rower. Intense resistance is achieved through the Concept2 Model D’s spinning flywheel and fan blade combination. The more power you put behind your pull, the faster the flywheel turns and the higher the resistance becomes. Essentially, the rower determines the overall difficulty of the workout where the harder or faster you row, the more resistance you will feel.

The Concept2 Model D is perfect for beginners and advanced rowers simply because it adjusts to the rower’s own performance. You start off slow, at a level you are capable of and as your capabilities increase, the intensity of your workout will automatically increase as well. This means that you do not run the risk of over doing it and causing injury.


Performance Monitor:

With most other machines, the performance monitor is an add-on that no one ever uses. Frankly, they are almost always too complicated. The Concept2 Model D manufacturers, however, have managed to create a user friendly performance monitor that turns itself on as soon as the machine is activated. It tracks all the necessary information required by fitness enthusiasts: calories burned, pace, speed, and distance rowed. The monitor can also be moved around, rather than remaining permanently stuck in an awkward position.

Advanced settings include the addition of a heart rate monitor and even the ability to challenge yourself by playing interactive rowing games. It might sound farfetched, but playing these game whilst you row certainly works for those who find exercising a bit of drag. Push yourself to reach a new high score and you will have something to look forward to every time you row. The removable log card can store the workout information of up to 5 users, making the Concept2 Model D rower a great addition to any family home.


Adjustable Damper:

This feature is great for more advanced rowing enthusiasts who want to get the most out of their workout. Users can adjust the amount of airflow that reaches the flywheel, creating the type of resistance they prefer. The lower settings allow for the feel of a small, lightweight rowing boat while the upper half of the settings create that feel of being in a much heavier vessel.


How it Folds Away:

No tools are required to disassemble this machine. A nifty quick-release mechanism easily splits the Concept2 Model D into two parts that can be stored under a bed or in a closet. When unfolded, the machine is quite bulky so it helps to be able to take it apart and save some floor space. When fully assembled, cleverly placed caster wheels enable the user to easily move the machine around.


Additional Features:


*Easily adjustable footrests for quick resizing

*Nickel coating on the chain and other areas for less frequent maintenance

*Rubber foot pads for comfort

*USB cable for PC monitoring of progress

*Stainless steel seat track remains in mint condition for a long lifespan

*Chain oil included in package

*Molded rubber grips on handle eliminate need for gloves


The Good:


*Easy to clean and maintain

*Built to last and comes with a solid warranty

*Simple assembly and easy storage

*Great for casual or intense use

*Suitable for every fitness level

*Burns fat and builds muscle


The Bad:


*Low seat may be cause difficulty for people with knee or hip injuries

*A few customers have remarked that the machine is noisy (noise increases with speed)

*Seat can become hard over time (can be remedied by purchasing a $5 add-on here)


The Verdict:


While there may be a few minimal complaints regarding seat comfort and noise level, the overwhelming list of pros in this Concept2 Model D review indicate that the machine is worth the investment. While it may not be the cheapest machine on the market, it certainly is affordable when considering the very high build quality of this rowing machine.