ProRower H2O Review – A worthy contender or not?

The ProRower H2O is a rowing machine that mimics the dynamics of real ‘out on the lake’ rowing. It can offer such an experience because it features a polycarbonate tank filled with real water. Let’s take a look at just what makes the ProRower H2O RX-750 Home Series rower so special:


Display panel


The H2O RX-750 rower comes with a multifunctional and easy to read display panel powered by two AA batteries. You can use this panel to keep track of the distance rowed, heart rate, rowing distance time splits, and the calories burned during an exercise session. Additionally, you use the display panel to view a single or multiple rowing statistics. For example, someone trying to lose weight could use the display to monitor number of calories burned. Overall, the display is relatively easy to use particularly since it only contains essential features.


Weight capacity


The ProRower H2O has a weight capacity of 350 pounds. Here, it is probably worth noting that the average American male weights about 195.5 pounds while the average American woman weighs about 166.2 pounds, according to figures published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This means that the average American, from a young child to an adult, would be able to use this machine comfortably.


Drive and resistance system


Unlike other rowing machines, the H2O RX-750 comes with an innovative Hydro-Power Drive system. In addition, the internal paddle system allows a user to row faster, slower, or according to a preferred setting. It is important to note that the water in the tank generates a natural resistance when one is rowing. The manufacturer assures owners of this machine a smooth rowing experience. This rower is also much quieter than its air resistance based competitors. The only noise comes from the blades pushing around water inside the tank. With this machine you can exercise at home without worrying about making too much noise and disturbing others. Other notable features include dual caster wheels and natural adaptive resistance system.


Ergonomics and comfort


Sporting goods manufacturers are increasingly paying attention to ergonomics. Lovers of ergonomically designed equipment need not worry because this rowing machine offers this and much more. To start with, it comes with an ergonomically designed handgrip, which means you do not have to worry about an uncomfortable workout or injuries. Moreover, the footrest is easy to adjust. In fact, the footrest pivots naturally and effortlessly as one rows. The seat is also very comfortable and can glide up and down the seat rail easily. This rower makes exercising a breeze because it does not produce vibrations that could cause jarring on the joints.


Dimensions and weight


The RX-750 measures only 78 by 20 by 22 inches and weighs a paltry 65 pounds. Take note it might feel heavy after filling the water tank to maximum capacity. When not in use, you can fold it for easy storage. The folded frame measures just 20 by 21 inches, which means this is the rower to purchase if space is an issue.




The solid frame comes with a lifetime warranty. Secondly, all mechanical and non-wearing components have a two-year warranty. The seals and water tank are guaranteed for three-years as standard. In general, you do not have to worry about the cost of repairs for at least two years. As is common with these rowers the only part of this machine that may need to be replaced will be the bungee cord that provides tension on the pulley as it will eventually wear down after many hours of rowing. There are reports here where customers who have needed a replacement simply fired off an email to the manufacturer and got a response from the company president within a few hours. A new bungee cord was mailed within a week and replacement only took a few minutes. In any case you can easily buy a new bungee cord from a local hardware store.



The manufacturer states that this rower brings commercial grade quality to a user’s home or office. It is hard to argue against this statement given the lifetime frame warranty and ergonomically designed handgrips. This is clearly one of the highest quality rowers we have reviewed.


Ease of assembly


Assembling this rower is very easy and does not necessarily require special expertise or technical knowledge. The manufacturer’s manual has all the details and information required to assemble the ProRower H2O. The average person should be able to assemble it within 30 minutes especially since 90% of the parts are already pre-assembled which is a fantastic advantage over similar machines.


The Verdict


All in all, if you would like to buy a rowing machine, you should definitely consider the ProRower RX-750. Some of the machine’s desirable features include a lifetime frame warranty, ergonomic handlebars, and foldable frame. Furthermore, it weighs just 65 pounds. The only downside with the ProRower RX-750 is the bungee cord, which will wear out eventually and need be replaced.