Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower Review – Is Magnetic better?

Rowing with the Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower provides an exceptional aerobic workout that elevates heart rate, increases stamina and burns a high number of calories.  Additionally, this machine will train key muscle groups, increasing your strength whilst helping to tone the body.  Let’s find out what makes this machine a worthy contender.

The big difference with this machine is that it uses magnets to generate the resistance against each stroke. Magnetic rowers have many of the advantages associated with air and water machines but come with a cheaper price tag.  Amazon are currently selling the Velocity rower at this **superb price** which I am sure many will agree is a great deal.


Details of the Good

This Magnetically driven machine is incredibly quiet compared to the much louder air and water rowers, which makes it ideal for early morning workouts.  Family members will be able to sleep without any disturbance whilst you burn off all those calories.

Like most rowers the Velocity will arrive packaged requiring assembly. Fortunately, the instructions are clear, with easy to follow diagrams.  In addition the package includes all tools required to build the machine. Despite being fairly easy to put together we would recommend setting aside 30 minutes build time to ensure the machine is properly assembled and operating smoothly.

This model has a generously padded seat that is really comfortable. The handles are padded, making them easy to grip.  The velocity comes with adjustable foot rests to fit everyone who uses it and the seat effortlessly glides back and forth across beam. Evidently, XXXXX the manufacturer has made a great effort to ensure the build quality of the velocity is high.  All parts are made from heavy duty steel with strong bolts supplied to lock everything securely in place.  The electronics are housed firmly with a well-designed plastic covering.  Overall this is a solid and well-built piece of gym equipment.

The velocity indoor rower measures roughly 7 feet when fully extended. When not in use it can be folded to save space. It nicely compacts, measuring 54″ height x 34″ depth x 20″ width, when folded. The rower also has wheels so can be moved around easily for storage (CHECK THIS FACT I GUESSED IT) and weighs around 90 pounds.

The rower has some very nice features.  The machine comes equipped with a chest strap to monitor heart rate.  However, the display is compatible with other heart rate monitors; so you can opt to use the one you prefer.  It comes with no less than 6 pre-programmed workouts to help you vary your workouts or instead simply set the resistance you desire.  In addition, you will be able to set a distance, time, stroke count or calorie target to try and beat.  One feature we really like is that if a target heart rate is set, the resistance will automatically adjust to make sure that you are hitting that target.


What Could be Improved

For what the rower is, it is pretty much a quiet, perfect, programmable machine and there is very little that could be tweaked to make it better.  Below are just a few minor adjustments that could make this awesome machine become perfect:

For individuals who are new to rowing, some “how to row effectively” instructions could be included with the package.  While it is far from being rocket science, using the proper posture and technique is important to get the best out of your workouts.  If you need advice on proper rowing technique be sure to browse our rowing guides section.

This rower features a heart rate monitor that wraps around the torso. The fit can be uncomfortable for some, particularly individuals who have broader chests.  However, since it is compatible with other heart rate monitors this is an issue that can be easily resolved.

The “how to use” instructions outlining the ideal way to work out on the rower could be easier to use and a bit clearer.  It would be nice to have more in-depth clarification on how each program can be used.

For individuals who are very tall, the fact that no stop is at the end of the beam could be an issue.  While working out enthusiastically, a tall person could inadvertently slip off the end of the beam.



The ease of use, compactness and design of the Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower are wonderful and it would be a remarkable addition to even the most advanced home gym.   The machine provides an amazing aerobic workout and works all muscle groups superbly. The price tag is very competitive when compared to other rowers and provides a lot of value at the current price range.